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The Tangible (Physical) part of the computer is called
a) case b) software c) hardware d) motherboard
The Intangible (Can't see or touch) part of the computer is called
a) hardware b) a special friendship c) CPU d) software
This is long-term memory
a) ROM b) Elephant memory c) RAM d) Controller memory
This is short-term memory
a) Forgetful b) RAM c) Microprocessor d) ROM
This controls the transfer of data between the computer and peripheral devices
a) Motherboard b) Basic Controller c) CPU d) RAM
This is used for networking between computers within the same building
a) WAN b) Modem c) LAN d) Cellphone
4 components needed for data communication to take place
a) sender, receiver, phone, protocol b) voice recognition, receiver, channel, protocol c) sender, receiver, channel, protocol d) sender, receiver, channel, software
Which one is not an input device
a) mouse b) keyboard c) touch screen monitor d) printer
Which is not a output device
a) speakers b) scanner c) projector d) headphones
The printed part of a document is called a
a) Hardcopy b) Softcopy c) Report d) Paper copy
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