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skillful, expert in the use of the hands or mind
a) adroit b) cursory c) benevolent d) amicable
peaceable, friendly
a) adroit b) benevolent c) amicable d) extol
having a deep-seated distaste; opposed
a) belligerent b) grimace c) cursory d) averse
given to fighting, aggressive
a) averse b) belligerent c) cursory d) benevolent
kindly, charitable
a) benevolent b) adroit c) extol d) duplicity
hasty, not thorough
a) cursory b) averse c) amicable d) grimace
treachery, deceitfulness
a) extol b) cursory c) duplicity d) feasible
to praise extravagantly
a) duplicity b) extol c) averse d) feasible
possible, able to be done
a) grimace b) adroit c) cursory d) feasible
a wry face, facial distortion
a) grimace b) benevolent c) extol d) duplicity
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