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Models are a way of representing a scientific concept that are _____
a) accurate under all conditions; just like the real thing b) accurate under some conditions c) nothing like the real thing d) only like the real thing in certain people\\\'s opinion
Scientists use models in order to
a) try out designs on a smaller scale b) to see a process better, if it is naturally too large or too small c) to make predictions about the future d) all of the above
What are the four branches of Earth Science
a) Meteorology, Astronomy, Geology, Oceanography b) Meteorology, Astrology, Geology, Biology c) Biology, Astronomy, Chemistry, Geology d) Meteorology, Geology, Physics, Ecology
Astronomy studies
a) planets, stars, outer space, sun, moon b) weather, clouds, hurricanes c) the human body, and animals d) soil, rocks, and mountains/landforms
Meteorology studies
a) Weather and climate, storms, disaster preparedness b) outer space, planets, stars c) oceans, running water, lakes d) rocks, soil, mountains, erosion
Geology studies
a) The solid earth - rocks, soil, natural resources, landslides, earthquakes b) weather and climate c) outer space, planets, stars d) plants, cells
Which of the following is an example of using the scientific method in real life?
a) thinking your keys are in one place (hypothesis), looking (test it), look somewhere else (revise) b) reading a science book c) being curious and finding out the answer to a question d) measuring something
Which of the following are part of the scientific method?
a) observing and identifying patterns in nature b) forming a hypothesis c) testing your hypothesis d) all of the above
Which of the following can be measured scientifically?
a) the beauty of a painting b) the age of a rock c) religious beliefs d) value of a sale item
What is Mrs. Spitzer-List's son's favorite tv show is...
a) Bob the builder b) Blue's clues c) football d) Barney
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