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Which natural cycle involves bacteria fixation?
a) Water b) O2 /CO2 c) Nitrogen d) None
Which natural cycle involves infiltration?
a) Water b) O2 /CO2 c) Nitrogen d) None
What is transpiration?
a) Water released by animals b) Water evaporated from a lake c) Water released from plants d) Movement of water from one plant to another
What is run-off?
a) Water falling from the sky b) Water flowing down the land to another water source c) Water filtering into the ground and becoming groundwater d) Water collected in a lake
Which is breathed by plants?
a) CO2 b) O2 c) Both O2 and CO2 d) Nitrogen
Which is exhaled by animals?
a) CO2 b) O2 c) Both O2 and CO2 d) Nitrogen
Decaying organisms give off...
a) CO2 b) O2 c) Both O2 and CO2 d) Nitrogen
What organism fixes nitrogen?
a) Virus b) Bacteria c) Worms d) Plants
When do natural cycles end?
a) At the end of the day b) At the end of a month c) After 2 years d) Never
What is the chemical symbol for nitrogen?
a) N1 b) NITRO c) N2 d) NT
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