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to undergo a change:
a) demand b) experience c) resist d) ignore
a high citadel:
a) church b) ideal c) mountain d) fortress
to retrieve a lost object:
a) recognize b) recover c) report d) search for
not to defile the innocent:
a) corrupt b) educate c) make fun of d) embarrass
one omen of good luck:
a) thought b) expectation c) gift d) sign
the queen's emissary:
a) palace b) agent c) court d) fortune
to entice someone
a) tempt b) avoid c) forgive d) cheat
to meditate quickly:
a) work b) play c) think d) speak
expensive garb:
a) education b) clothing c) plant d) apartment
to herald the news
a) announce b) hear c) rewrite d) suppress
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