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In a solid, the particles are arranged so that they are
a) losely packed together b) spread out and move quickly c) tighly packed together d) are able to move
When a solid is heated the particles
a) Vibrate b) Spread out c) move around and collide more frequently d) stop vibrating
Conduction takes places between materials that are
a) separated b) in contact c) floating d) -
Conduction can take place in
a) liquids b) solids c) solids, liquids and gases d) solids and liquids
Conduction does NOT take place in which of the following
a) Oven Grill b) Hair straightners c) Iron d) Toastie maker
Convection can happen in
a) solids and liquids b) liquids and gases c) gases only d) liquids only
When you heat a lquid or gas the particle will
a) move slower b) contract c) move more quickly and spread out d) get bigger
Convection causes heated liquids and gases to
a) fall b) cool down c) rise d) melt
Liquids and gases rise and fall due to heat being transfered to them, this is known as a
a) River current b) Electrical current c) Convection Current d) Currant Bun
Which IS an example of useful convection
a) curling tongs b) hot air balloon c) microwave d) toaster
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