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Come on now, plant your crops in the dirt of the North Carolina Coastal Plains
a) natural resources b) loam c) outer banks d) environment
A computer!!! What a need gadget!!! What kind of material is it made of?
a) outer banks b) environment c) natural resources d) loam
Living and nonliving things abound in Charlotte.
a) environment b) outer banks c) natural resources d) loam
No better place to visit than the islands of North Carolina
a) loam b) enviornment c) natural resources d) Outer Banks
My ship is not moving. What is blocking it?
a) fall line b) sandbar c) primary source d) sun belt
It is mighty warm in North Carolina and them other Southern warm-weather states.
a) mountains b) sun belt c) piedmont d) sandbar
Rapids and low-lying waterfalls- that sounds like a great kayaking trip to me.
a) mountains b) piedmont c) fall line d) primary source
How interesting, the hills in this region are anywhere between 500 to 1500 feet.
a) mountains b) sun belt c) fall line d) piedmont
The great smokies, the appalachains, beautiful waterfalls are found in this region
a) Mountains b) Piedmont c) fall line d) primary source
Look no further for the information. I was there and I saw it with my own two eyes.
a) fall line b) vicinity c) primary source d) sun belt
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