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Do books cost much money?
a) question b) statement c) command d) exclamation
Come to my house after school.
a) question b) command c) statement d) exclamation
This is the best present I ever got!
a) exclamation b) command c) statement d) question
Learn about different kinds of jobs.
a) command b) exclamation c) question d) statement
People spend money on many different things.
a) statement b) question c) exclamation d) command
Do your parents pay you to do chores?
a) question b) exclamation c) statement d) command
You can save money at that store.
a) command b) statement c) question d) exclamation
This is a great way to earn money!
a) exclamation b) command c) statement d) question
Spend the money on a vacation.
a) command b) statement c) exclamation d) question
I like to buy candy and video games.
a) statement b) command c) question d) exclamation
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