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A wise man lives in the village.
a) A wise man b) lives c) man d) lives in the village.
The carpenter built a pen for the goats.
a) The carpenter b) built a pen c) built a pen for the goats d) built
The farmer keeps goats in the pen.
a) keeps goats in the pen b) keeps goats c) The farmer d) goats
The spinner made beautiful thread.
a) The spinner b) made beautiful thread. c) made beautiful d) made
A young boy asks for help.
a) asks for help b) young boy c) asks d) help
The students in a classroom learn lessons all the time.
a) The students in a classroom b) learn c) learn lessons d) learn lessons all the time
Animals learn differently from people.
a) learn differently from people b) animals c) learn d) learn differently
My parents teach me many lessons.
a) parents teach b) teach me many lessons c) teach me d) My parents
Two goats played in the field.
a) played in the field b) Two goats c) played d) in the field
A merchant in the village sold carpets.
a) A merchant in the village b) sold c) sold carpets d) A merchant
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