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Someone in the town helps others.
a) Someone b) town helps others c) Someone in the town d) helps others
Goats on a farm need food.
a) Goats on a farm b) Goats c) need food d) food
People in need ask for help.
a) People in need b) People c) ask d) ask for help
A busy carpenter needs tools.
a) A busy b) carpenter needs c) A busy carpenter d) needs tools
Everyone in the world needs something.
a) Everyone b) Everyone in the world c) needs d) needs something
Every town needs helpers.
a) town b) `needs c) Every town d) helpers
Many people buy beautiful carpets at the market.
a) people b) Many people c) carpets d) market
Farmers bring goats to the market too.
a) Farmers b) goats c) Farmers bring d) the market
The vegetables in the stalls look delicious.
a) stalls b) The vegetables c) The vegetables in the stalls d) delicious
Everything happens at the town market.
a) Everything b) Everything happens c) market d) town market
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