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a theory is
a) same thing as a hypothesis b) a scientific guess c) a scientific explanation with observable supporting evidence d)
reporting the results of your work is important in science because
a) your work can be verified b) others can build on your work c) otherwisae someone else will take credit d) your work can be verified and others can build on your work
science progresses through revision of theories based on new evidence or better explanations of existing evidence
a) true b) false c) d)
it benefits you to stay up to date with current trends, finding and developments in science and technology because
a) the changes affect all walks of life b) you will advance in your career more easily c) you can help society adjust to the effects d) all the answers are correct
life on and ocean planet has ____ basic study elements
a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 6
marine science fundamentals covered in the course include
a) theories of foundation of life in the oceans and present and future of 0marine environments b) submersibles c) navigation d)
life on an ocean planet helps prepare you for a career in or related to marine science by
a) teaching you everything you will need to know b) showing you diffecrent marine sciences and what their careers are life c) telling which job pays best d)
in the text book, words in green are
a) main headings b) subheadings c) learning objectives/study questions d) captions
surveying the text before reading it makes earning more effecient by
a) eleiminating the need to read it b) allowing you to find all the answers c) putting all the information in captions d) none of the above
How do you spell villain
a) villain b) villian c) bad guy d)
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