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Their homeland is part of five countries.
a) Bosnia (Bosnians) b) Northern Ireland c) Chechnya (Chechens) d) Kurds
They were protected by a No Fly Zone created by the UN in the Persian Gulf War:
a) Bosnia b) Northern Ireland c) Chechnya (Chechens) d) Kurds
This ethnic conflict included the Bloody Sunday killings:
a) Bosnia b) Sudan c) Northern Ireland d) Chechnya
This conflict has included a two-decade civil war, a more recent outbreak of conflict in the Darfur, and resulted in millions of refugees.
a) Bosnia (Bosnians) b) Sudan (Sudanese) c) Kurds d) Chechnya (Chechens)
This conflict concluded with a peace agreement known as the Dayton Peace Accords, which officially ended the country's 3-year civil war.
a) Bosnia b) Northern Ireland c) Sudan d) Chechnya
This ethnic conflict included a civil war in 1971 that resulted in the establishment of the independent country of Bangladesh:
a) Bosnia b) India/Pakistan c) Kurds d) Chechnya
This conflict involves the fourth largest ethnic group in the world:
a) Chechnya (Chechens) b) India/Pakistan c) Northern Ireland d) Kurds
This conflict was watched with particular interest by world leaders, who feared that nuclear weapons might be used by one or both of the opposing countries:
a) Bosnia b) Chechnya (Chechens) c) Northern Ireland d) India/Pakistan
Among the many reasons for these two ethnic conflicts is the competition for oil and other resouces:
a) India/Pakistan and Northern Ireland b) Bosnia and the Kurds c) Chechnya and the Sudan d) Northern Ireland and the Kurds
Religion has been a factor in all of these conflicts EXCEPT:
a) Northern Ireland b) Chechnya c) India/Pakistan d) Kurds
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