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nervous; excited
a) anxious b) adore c) sprucing d) vacant
to stop working after reaching a certain age
a) retire b) anxious c) vacant d) recognizing
empty; unused
a) vacant b) retire c) adore d) anxious
decorating or making neat
a) sprucing b) recognizing c) adore d) vacant
to love very much
a) adore b) sprucing c) retire d) anxious
knowing who someone is or what something is
a) recognizing b) retire c) anxious d) adore
Kiefer was _____________ to fly in the airplane.
a) anxious b) retire c) vacant d) adore
Cody was _______________ up his room before the guests arrived.
a) sprucing b) adore c) recognizing d) anxious
Alex played baseball in the _____________ lot.
a) vacant b) sprucing c) adore d) retire
Gabe's dad wants to ______________ from his job.
a) retire b) adore c) vacant d) anxious
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