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Which plant part holds up the plant parts above the ground?
a) stem b) flower c) leaves d) roots
This makes food for plants which is sugar.
a) stem b) leaves c) roots d) flower
I hold the plant in the ground,
a) leaves b) petals c) roots d) stem
This plant part takes in water and nutrients for the plant's growth.
a) roots b) seeds c) petals d) stem
This plant part has tiny tubes to transport water an nutrients to the plant.
a) roots b) seeds c) stem d) leaves
I take in carbon dioxide through tiny openings.
a) stem b) seeds c) roots d) leaves
These are the colored part of the plant
a) leaves b) stems c) petals d) roots
I contain seeds.
a) flower b) leaves c) stems d) roots
An apple develops from this part of a plant.
a) flower b) roots c) stems d) leaves
Bees collect pollen from this plant part.
a) stem b) roots c) flower d) leaves
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