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trade names are not easier than generic names
a) true b) false c) d)
is reversability desired with antibiotics
a) yes b) no c) d)
what does reversability mean:
a) ability of drug to change during first pass b) drug being deactivated after going through the liver c) ability of drug to subside in a given time d) ability of a drugs to have an antidote
Lucy weighs 70 kg and Jorge weighs 90kg. they are both administered the same drug/different dose because of:
a) selectivity b) ease of administration c) chemical stability d) predictability
toxicity means the patient got a dose that was too high and is now overloaded with a drug
a) true b) false c) d)
treatment failure does not include giving a drug at a dose too low for a patient
a) true b) false c) d)
which of these is not a lifelong type of medication:
a) diabetes b) hypertension c) pneumonia d) arthitis
which of these does not fall under pharmacodynamics:
a) drug-receptor interaction b) patient adherence c) placebo effect d) patients functional state
you are assessing a patient that takes valium (diazepam). the patient states he likes to have a
a) yes b) no c) d)
tetracycline can be greatly reduced by which of these:
a) calcium and magnesium b) magnesium and sodium c) iron and calcium d) iron and zinc
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