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clinical pharmacology is the study of drugs in patients as well as healthy volunteers.
a) true b) c) d) false
therapeutics is different than pharmacotherapeutics.
a) true b) c) d) false
therapeutics is the use of drugs to:
a) diagnose b) all of the above c) treat d) prevent
U.S. law does not require that a drug be proven effective before releasing for market as long as it is still being studied.
a) true b) c) d) false
safe drugs are ones that:
a) produce minimal side effects b) no drugs are safe c) cannot produce harmful side effects d) produce no side effects
pharmakon in greek means:
a) drug b) chemical c) herb d) poison
selectivity is the reason for adverse effects. a drug\'s selectivity means it should be limited to desired tissues.
a) true b) c) d) false
all drugs have chemical stability:
a) true b) c) d) false
predictability is for awareness of toxicity and non-effectiveness
a) true b) c) d) false
tricyclic antidepressants have a reversible action and should be treated immediately in OD cases
a) true b) c) d) false
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