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This system defends the body against infections
a) immune b) endocrine c) skeletal d) nervous
This system detects, signals, and responds to changes in the environment
a) endocrine b) muscular c) respiratory d) nervous
The organs in the digestive system include
a) heart, stomach, lungs b) small intestine, large intestine, stomach c) only the heart d) none of the above
A nutrient used for quick energy is a
a) protein b) carbohydrate c) fat d) mineral
The part of the digestive system that ingests food is the
a) mouth b) stomach c) esophagus d) all of the above
Iron and calcium are examples of
a) minerals b) carbohydrates c) fats d) vitamins
Blood is transported TO the heart through
a) veins b) arteries c) capillaries d) bronchioles
The left ventricle sends oxygen-rich blood
a) from the lungs to the heart b) to the lungs c) from the veins into the right atrium d) to the whole body through the arteries
The heart is a(n)
a) cell b) tissue c) organ d) organ system
Oxygen enters your body when you
a) inhale b) exhale c) both inhale and exhale d) none of the above
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