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What is MOODLE?
a) Modular Object Oriented Developmental Learning Environment b) Hogwash c) Many Objects Obviously Developed Learning Expertise d) Nothing
How do you add students?
a) Click Settings b) Click Assign Roles c) Wonder d) Do nothing
How to you email users?
a) Click Participants. b) Click Settings. c) Wonder d) Do nothing
How do you log in to Moodle?
a) Do nothing. Someone will send a link. b) Log in at the Moodle website c) Take a smoke break d) Wonder
What do you do if you can\\\'t log in?
a) Nothing. Someone will eventually rescue you. b) Write MoodleSupport c) Call 911 d) Worry.
I cannot add my own links to Moodle.
a) True b) False c) ?? d) ??
There is more than one type of assignment.
a) True b) False c) ?? d) ??
Alfresco errors...
a) Should be reported to MoodleSupport b) Don\\\'t mean anything c) ?? d) ??
Add a chat with Resources
a) True b) False c) ?? d) ??
Add a forum using Resources
a) False b) True c) ?? d) ??
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