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Which vocabulary word describes the ability to make things move or change?
a) water b) open circut c) sound wave d) energy
What are the two main types of energy
a) kinetic and electrical b) kinetic and thermal c) kinetic and potential d) nuclear and potential
Which kind of energy comes from motion or movement?
a) kinetic b) potential c) chemical d) radiant
Which of the following is NOT a type of energy?
a) nutrient b) thermal c) electrical d) chemical
Rubbing a balloon on your head and then sticking it to the wall, results from the loss or gain of electrons. Which vocabulary term is described in this situation?
a) magnetic pole b) speed of sound c) open circut d) electrical charge
A complete loop, with no gaps, for a current to flow through is known as what?
a) insulator b) open circut c) closed circut d) magnetic force
What do conductors allow?
a) electrons to flow through them b) electrons can not pass through them c) neutrons to flow through them d) neutrons are unable to complete the circut
With magnetic poles, which of the follwing statements are not true?
a) same attract b) opposites attract c) same repel d) poles are the strongest parts of a magnet
This term is a slow mechanical wave that affects air molecules.
a) speed of light b) speed of sound c) electricity d) magnetic force
This term is a fast electromagnetic wave that does not affect air molecules.
a) speed of light b) speed of sound c) electricity d) magnetic force
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