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Who was the president of the Confederacy?
a) Jefferson Davis b) Abraham Lincoln c) Stonewall Jackson d) Robert E. Lee
Which is NOT a Confederate general?
a) Ulysses S. Grant b) Robert E. Lee c) J. E. B. Stuart d) Nathan Bedford Forrest
Which is NOT a Union general?
a) Stonewall Jackson b) William Tecumseh Sherman c) George McClellan d) Ulysses S. Grant
Which states were border states?
a) Missouri, Maryland, Kentucky, Delaware b) Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama c) Massachusetts, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania d) Kansas, Tennessee, Virginia, Arkansas
Which battle was the turning point of the war?
a) Gettysburg b) Shiloh c) Antietam d) Chattanooga
Where was the Confederate capital?
a) Richmond, Virginia b) Charleston, South Carolina c) Atlanta, Georgia d) New Orleans, Louisiana
Which battle was the first battle of the Civil War
a) Fort Sumter b) Bull Run c) Gettysburg d) Antietam
In which battle did the North take control of the Mississippi River and divide the South?
a) Vicksburg, Mississippi b) New Orleans, Louisiana c) Nashville, Tennessee d) St. Louis, Missouri
Where did Robert E. Lee surrender to Ulysses S. Grant?
a) Appomattox Court House, Virginia b) Washington, D.C. c) Richmond, Virginia d) Shiloh, Tennessee
Which Union general burned a path from Atlanta to Savannah?
a) William Tecumseh Sherman b) Ulysses S. Grant c) George McClellan d) Stonewall Jackson
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