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discipline of classifying organisms and assigning each organism a universally accepted name
a) taxonomy b) taxonomist c) taxadermy d) tuxonomy
classification system in which each species is assigned a two-part scientific name
a) binomial nomenclature b) dinomial nomenclature c) nomial nomenclature d) bi-nomenclature
large taxonomic group, consisting of closely related phyla
a) Kingdom b) Species c) Unit d) Genus
the study of evolutionary relationships among organisms
a) phylogeny b) cladistics c) phylogram d) cladogram
diagram that shows the evolutionary relationships among a group of organisms
a) cladogram b) cladistics c) phylogram d) taxogram
kingdom of unicellular prokaryotes whose cell walls are made up of peptidoglycan
a) Eubacteria b) Archaebacteria c) Protists d) Monera
kingdom of multicellular photosynthetic autotrophs that have cell walls containing cellulose
a) Plantae b) Fungi c) Protista d) Monera
kingdom composed of eukaryotes that are not classified as plants, animals, or fungi
a) Protista b) Monera c) Archea d) Eu
kingdom of unicellular prokaryotes whose cell walls do not contain peptidoglycan
a) Archeabacteria b) Eubacteria c) Monera d) Protista
most inclusive taxonomic category
a) Domain b) Kingdom c) Phylum d) Class
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