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To regard something with horror or loathing. (verb)
a) abhor b) decrepit c) reprehensible d) animosity
strong dilike, bitter hostility (noun)
a) animosity b) suave c) reprehensible d) deviate
This vocabulary word can be three different parts of speech
a) blithe b) deviate c) copious d) palatable
great confusion, disorder
a) deviate b) chaos c) omnipotent d) somber
a period of relief or rest
a) respite b) crestfallen c) copious d) reprehensible
To make ineffective or useless
a) decrepit b) obsolete c) stultify d) covet
to involve in
a) copious b) misnomer c) implicate d) respite
cheerful, lighthearted
a) crestfallen b) palatable c) suave d) blithe
an unsuitable or lisleading name
a) misnomer b) somber c) blithe d) sophomoric
deserving blame or punishment (adjective)
a) abhor b) sophomoric c) animosity d) reprehensible
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