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A cell that contains a cell wall and nucleus, would be found in which type of organism?
a) animal b) plants c) viruses d) fungi
Which human body systems are directly involved in reflex actinos, such as knee jerk, blinking, and jumping when startled?
a) circulatory and muscular b) endocrine and respiratory c) muscular and nervous d) respiratory and nervous
Which disease is a result of abnormal cell division
a) cancer b) AIDS c) chicken pox d) common cold
The energy obtained from food is measured in units called
a) watts b) calories c) degrees d) pounds
To provide energy for the work that cells do, all cells need
a) chloroplasts b) nutrients c) atmospheric nitrogen d) carbon dioxide
In which human body system are hormones produced?
a) respiratory b) nervous c) digestive d) endocrine
As the population of small fish in a lake decreases, the population of large fish that depend on teh small fish for food will
a) reproduce faster b) begin to produce their own food c) decrease in number d) increase in number
Fats are important nutrients because they
a) provide genetic information b) contain stored energy c) are used in photosynthesis d) maintain bone density
Which factor has the LEAST effect on a person's metabolism?
a) exercise b) hormones c) intelligence d) diet
Which body system is responsible for the elimination of liquid and gaseous wastes?
a) excretory b) nervous c) skeletal d) digestive
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