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What action lets you affect all levels of government
a) voting b) recycling c) joining non profit association d) signing a petetion
Envionmental impact statements
a) specify ways to minimize effects of projects b) cannot be seen by public c) cannot be challenged in court d) are unbiased
Which level of government do lobbyists usually focus on
a) federal b) state c) local d) no answer is correct
Why has concern for sustainability increased
a) people are using more resources b) the popualation is shrinking c) people are less educated d) all of the answers are correct
Which would not be represent a government incentive
a) eliminating green initatives b) tax break on actions that have benefit c) reward for actions that benefit society d) all of the answers are correct
Agenda 21 tried to balance
a) economic and environmental concerns b) local and state laws c) voting rights and taxes d) animal rights and benefit
A condition in which humans can survive indefinitely as their needs are being met
a) sustainability b) economics c) globalization d) environmental awareness
In this group scientists volunteer and do not carry out own research
This place has no native population and serves as a research area
a) Anarctic b) Iceland c) Australia d) Poland
He studied the sea and started an environmental protection foundation.
a) Jacque Cousteau b) John Muir c) Roosevelt d) Henry Sam
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