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In general the Greeks worshipped...
a) Many Gods (polytheistic) b) Only one God c) Only male gods d) Only female Gods
In a ________ the citizens govern themselves.
a) Monarchy b) Democracy c) Tyranny d) Empire
This war matched Sparta and Athens and divided much of Greece.
a) The hundred years war b) The Trojan war c) The Peloponnesian war d) The great war
This ancient civilization was the first to have a Republican form of government.
a) Rome b) Greece c) Egypt d) Aztec
The first Emperor of the Roman Empire was...
a) Julius Caesar b) Hadrian c) Constantine d) Agustus
Constantinople grew rich because it...
a) Borrowed money from Rome b) Had an unpredictable ruler c) Used d) Was located in a natural crossroads
Which of the following is one of the Five Pillars of Islam?
a) Prophecy b) Journey to Mecca c) Baptism d) Suffarage
The followers of Islam, and the Jewish and Christian religions all believe...
a) In Muhammad b) Ramadan c) The Bible d) In one God
The largest desert in the world is located in Africa and is called...
a) The savanna b) Swahili c) The Sahara d) Songhai
The two most important products that were traded in West Africa were gold and...
a) Wheat b) Slaves c) Salt d) Iron
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