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What was the main purpose of the Nuremberg Trials?
a) to prosecute Nazi leaders for atrocities and war crimes b) to prosecute those responsible for the relocation of Japanese Americans c) to make Germany give back land d) to make Germany pay reparations for losses
In the US, which of the following groups were sent to Relocation camps?
a) Mexican Americans b) Chinese Americans c) Japanese Americans d) African Americans
Which of the following leaders started the Fascist party?
a) Churchill b) Mussolini c) Tojo d) Stalin
Italy, Germany, Japan and six other countries during WWII were considered the
a) Axis Powers b) Powerful Powers c) Central Powers d) Allied Powers
What was the Potsdam Declaration?
a) The Allied declaration of war against Germany b) Statement from the Allies condemning the Holocaust c) A warning to Japan from Allied leaders d) A German ultimatum to the Allies
Which of the following describes Hitler?
a) He ruled from the city of Rome b) He used Jews as scapegoats c) He defended the Treaty of Versailles d) He invaded Manchuria
The immediate result of the US declaring war on Japan was what?
a) Germany and Italy declaring war on the US b) The bombing of Pearl Harbor c) Institution of a draft d) The Allies winning the war
What happened to 110,000 Japanese Americans during WWII?
a) They were forced to sell possessions and move to a relocation camp b) They were not allowed to fight in the army c) They were forced to move back to Japan d) They were forced to stay in their homes
What was the term used for the German way of attacking a country with an all our strike?
a) Tank warfare b) Kristallnacht c) Puttin on the ritz d) Blitzkreig
Who was President of the US at the end of the war who decided to drop the bombs on Japan?
a) Truman b) Roosevelt c) Churchill d) Hoover
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