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What was the name of the first American constitution?
a) Articles of Confederation b) Checks and Balances c) Preamble d) Bill of Rights
Where did the Constitutional Convention take place?
a) Philadelphia b) Washington DC c) New York d) Boston
What is the name of the first 10 Amendments in the Constitution?
a) Bill of Rights b) Branches c) Introduction d) Preamble
Which of the following was NOT one of the seven basic principles of the Constitution?
a) Powerful government rule b) Seperation of Powers c) Individual Rights d) Checks and Balances
What right is given in the First Amendment?
a) Freedom of speech, religion, and the press b) Right to a speedy trial by a jury c) Search and seizure d) Right to bear arms
Where is a bill first presented?
a) in Congress by a state senator or representative b) in your backyard c) in the Supreme Court by a justice d) in the White House by the President
What system is in place to assure that no branch has more power than the other?
a) Checks and Balances b) Congressional Hearings c) Supreme Court d) Consitutional Convention
What branch is represented by the President?
a) Executive b) Ruling c) Judicial d) Legislative
What branch is represented by Congress?
a) Legislative b) Ruling c) Judicial d) Executive
What branch is represented by the Supreme Court?
a) Judicial b) Ruling c) Legislative d) Executive
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