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All are effects of the slave trade
a) Tribal wars b) Depletion of tribal population c) End to trade with Middle East d) All of the answers
The majority of Africa’s population lives in the:
a) Congo b) Savannah c) Sahara Desert d) Kalahari Desert
Africa’s major climate zones are largely determined by:
a) Desert regions b) The distribution of rainfall c) Religious affiliation d) Mountains Region
The region of Africa that receives the most rainfall is located:
a) North of the Sahara b) South of the Kalahari c) North and south of the savannah d) Along the majority of the coast
Farming is difficult in most forest regions because of:
a) Lack of rainfall b) Religious Affiliation c) Tribal Wars d) Slavery
Under European rule, the tribal chiefs lost much of their power because:
a) Of Religious Influences b) The United Nations Law c) Of Warring Factions d) Wealthy people became more important than tribal chiefs
The borders of Africa’s countries were:
a) Created by God b) Laid out by Tribal Chiefs c) Marked out by Europeans d) Always changing
European colonizers generally considered African people to be:
a) Beneath them b) Above them c) Equal to them d) Insignificant
Nationalist movements developed because Africans wanted to:
a) Take over European countries b) Govern themselves c) Gain independence d) Achieve economic independence
By 1914, almost all of Africa was:
a) Independent b) Freed c) Controlled by Europeans d) At War
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