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An older man who lives by himself and has a pig collection is
a) Lorraine's dad. b) Bore. c) John's dad. d) Angelo Pignati.
The librarian who is nicknamed The Cricket is
a) Mrs. Jensen. b) Mrs. Conlan. c) Miss Reillen. d) Lorraine's mom.
Another name for John's father is
a) Bore. b) Pigman. c) The Cricket. d) Hyper.
The character who is interested in psychology and has low self-esteem is
a) John. b) Mr. Pignati. c) Lorraine. d) Dennis.
The person who holds the phone marathon record is
a) John. b) Lorraine. c) Dennis. d) Norton.
The Marshmallow Kid is
a) John. b) Lorraine. c) Dennis. d) Norton.
The character who works as a visiting nurse is
a) John's mom. b) Lorraine's mom. c) Conchetta. d) Lorraine.
The baboon that is the Pigman's best friend is
a) John. b) Norton. c) Lorraine. d) Bobo.
The character who wants to be an actor is
a) Lorraine. b) John. c) the Pigman. d) the Bore.
The Pigman's wife is
a) Lorraine. b) Lorraine's mom. c) Conchetta. d) Miss Reillen.
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