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The function of the musclar system is
a) to reproduce cells in the body b) support the body c) pump blood, control the brain and move air d) help you move, provide shape, and pump blood
Muscle control can be
a) voluntary or involuntrary b) involuntary or staggered c) involuntary or smooth d) voluntray or striated
Muscles are attached to bones by
a) cartilage b) joints c) tendons d) ligaments
Bones are attached to bones by
a) cartilage b) cartilage c) tendons d) ligaments
The three types of muscle tissue are
a) gluteus maximus, bicep, tricep b) skeletal, cardiac, smooth c) smooth, jagged, cardiac d) skeletal, muscular, deltoid
How many muscles are in the body?
a) 206 b) less than 600 c) 602 d) over 600
The childhood disease that affects the muscles is called
a) Muscular Dystrophy b) Diabetes c) Heart Disease d) Arthritis
Muscles work in pairs. While one muscle is contracting the other is
a) pulling b) relaxing c) contracting d) reflexing
The following are examples of VOLUNTARY muscles
a) heart, digestive system, bladder b) c) d) deltoids, biceps, quadriceps
The follwoing are examples of INVOLUNTARY muscles
a) heart, digestive system, bladder b) triceps, quadriceps, gastrocnemius c) gluteus maximus, sterncleidomastoid, pectoral d) deltoids, biceps, quadriceps
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