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calm undisturbed
a) Placid b) induce c) Fidelity d) Erroneous
Right action, moral goodness
a) Virtue b) Placid c) Demographic d) Fidelity
having no money, poor
a) Destitute b) Viaduct c) Epiphany d) Incisive
having certain characteristics in common such as age, race or gender
a) Demographic b) Impetus c) Dejected d) Facile
hard-working and careful
a) Diligent b) induce c) Primacy d) Recourse
Wise, insightful, acutely intelligent
a) Perspicacious b) Pandemic c) Erroneous d) Primacy
To depart, especially from a path or plan
a) Deviate b) Dejected c) Pandemic d) factotum
to send out or away
a) Expel b) Compel c) Recourse d) Epiphany
a large and serious book
a) tome b) Pandemic c) Revert d) Impetuous
stubborn, obstinate; hard to move forward
a) Intractable b) Incisive c) Voluble d) Facile
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