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to teach a certain point of view
a) indoctrinate b) Expel c) Incisive d) Voluble
Unnecessary or unwanted
a) Gratuitous b) credence c) Sycophant d) Redoubtable
Too simplistic or easy
a) Facile b) Aberrant c) Perspicacious d) Indubitable
An unreal figure; ghost
a) Apparition b) Aberrant c) Phenomenon d) Cosmopolitan
downcast or sad; depressed
a) Dejected b) Demographic c) Diligent d) Compel
belief as to the truth of something
a) credence b) Cosmopolitan c) Virtue d) tome
Having an effect on a large area or region
a) Pandemic b) Phenomenon c) Deflect d) Redoubtable
Certain beyond doubt or question
a) Indubitable b) Incursion c) factotum d) Expel
worldly or sophisticated
a) Cosmopolitan b) Demographic c) Deviate d) Sacrilege
Worthy of fear or respect; mighty
a) Redoubtable b) Perspicacious c) indoctrinate d) Epitome
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