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Scurvy is a disease of the gums and skin caused by what type of vitamin deficiency?
a) Vitamin C b) c) d)
Nutrients that are made up of amino acids and considered to be the building blocks of muscles are called?
a) Proteins b) c) d)
The process which animals eat food and use it to live, grow and reproduce is known as?
a) Nutrition b) c) d)
True or False. Ruminants are a class of animals that have stomachs with only one compartment.
a) False b) c) d)
Grass, hay, silage also known as a roughage is considered to be high in what?
a) fiber b) c) d)
What type of complex vitamins are manufactured in the digestive system of a cow?
a) B- complex b) c) d)
Grains that are low in fiber and high in total digestible nutrients are known as what?
a) concentrates b) c) d)
What is a feed additive?
a) A non-nutritive substance that is added to feed to promote more rapid growth b) c) d)
Subcutaneous injections are made
a) under the skin b) c) d)
an animal that lives and feeds on other animals is a
a) parasite b) c) d)
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