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Escribir means..
a) To write b) Writing c) To talk d) To walk
Comer means ...
a) To eat b) To walk c) To write d) To read
Beber means..
a) To drink b) To write c) To read d) To believe
Aprender means..
a) To learn b) To write c) To believe d) To eat
Creer means...
a) To believe b) To learn c) To read d) To write
Vender means..
a) To sell b) To read c) To write d) To learn
Abrir means..
a) To open b) To write c) To learn d) To believe
Vivir means..
a) To live b) To learn c) To write d) To believe
Recibir means..
a) To receive b) To write c) To believe d) To learn
What is the only difference in conjugations between er and ir verb endings?
a) -emos/-imos ending b) they are all identical c) everything is different d) -amos ending
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