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This is the sacred river of India
a) Brahmaputra b) Yellow c) Ganges d) Indus
The capital of India is
a) Dehli b) New Dehli c) Varanasi d) Bombay
Most Indian people are
a) Farmers b) Factory Workers c) Herders d) Laundry Workers
What do individuals within the same caste usually have in common?
a) Same family History b) Same religious Rites c) Same Last Name d) Similar Occupations/duties
40% of all India's live in the
a) Thar Desert b) Indo-Gangetic Plains c) Gahts Mountain d) Deccan Plateau
In what year was India granted Independence?
a) 1945 b) 1947 c) 1950 d) 1975
Hinduism is
a) Monotheistic b) Polytheistic c) Atheistic d) Hydronanistic
What is the most sacred animal to the people of India?
a) Pig b) Cow c) Bull d) Donkey
Most Hindu's
a) Do eat Beef b) Worship Many Gods c) Do Not eat Pork d) Worship the Cow
A sacred text of Hindus is
a) Upanishads b) Koran c) Bible d) Tenhok
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