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What ended Gandhi’s life?
a) Starvation b) Assassination c) Suicide d) Natural Causes
How did Gandhi think the world could be changed?
a) With violence and force b) Through Great Britain ruling many lands c) With out violence and peacefully d) Strong arm of a dictator
When is a person’s caste determined?
a) At Birth b) At Death c) When they marry d) When they enter School
The seasonal winds of India are called
a) Tsunamis b) Typhoons c) Hurricanes d) Monsoons
If a person has good karma, he would most likely
a) Be able to marry into a higher caste b) Believe in many gods c) Have higher status in another life d) End the cycle of reincarnation
Which of the following is NOT a religion practiced in India?
a) HInduism b) Jainism c) Buddhism d) Shintoism
Indira Gandhi was
a) Gandhi’s wife, helped in the fight for independence b) Gandhi’s daughter, eventually a leader of India c) First female prime minister of India d) Powerful British leader who brought positive changes
This is considered India's most sacred and holy city:
a) Calcutta b) Varanasi c) Bombay d) Agra
1 of the following is NOT a recognized Caste System title
a) Shudra b) Kshatrya c) Brahmin d) Buddha
Most Indian people were/are
a) Farmers b) Factory Workers c) Herders d) Laundry Workers
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