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Formed from other rock particles or plant or animal remains and pressed and cemented together
a) fossil b) magma c) metamorphic d) sedimentary
Rock formed when an existing rock changed by heat, pressure or chemical reactions. Form deep underground-
a) smooth b) metamorphic c) cyrius d) rough
Igneous rocks are classified according to their origin, mineral composition and
a) color b) volume c) mass d) texture
Basalt is the most common of this type of _____________rock , formed from lava that erupted onto the Earth\\\\\\\'s surface.
a) explosive b) origin c) extrusive d) hot
Igneous rock that forms when magma hardens beneath Earth\\\\\\\'s surface, such as granite
a) intrusive b) solid c) inclusive d) large
When lava cools quickly, crystals are
a) small b) large c) not there d) none of these
Slow cooling results in ________ crystals
a) cold b) large c) hot d) small
Most of the Earth's minerals contain
a) history b) silica c) lava d) color
Lava that is low in silica forms basalt which is very _______ in color.
a) dark b) grainy c) rough d) smooth
Magma, which is high in silica is _________ in color; such as granite.
a) smooth b) light c) rough d) smooth
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