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She threw the ball to me to ________.
a) catch b) snatch c) match d) hatch
He put on one blue sock and one red sock. They did not ________.
a) scratch b) patch c) match d) latch
The hen kept the egg warm so that it would _________.
a) match b) hatch c) catch d) patch
"Don't ________!" said Mum, as I took the cake.
a) scratch b) catch c) patch d) snatch
The gate would not stay shut because the _______ was broken.
a) latch b) match c) hatch d) patch
When my cat is mad she can ________ my leg.
a) snatch b) catch c) scratch d) patch
If you have lots of money then you are _______.
a) much b) latch c) such d) rich
"How _______ does that toy cost?" I asked the man in the shop.
a) match b) much c) rich d) patch
We had ______ a long way to go until we got to the beach!
a) hatch b) much c) latch d) such
We need to fix the hole in the tent before it rains! Let's put a ________ on it.
a) scratch b) hatch c) patch d) snatch
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