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Which oxide reacts with an alkali to form a salt, but does not react with acid to form a salt?
a) aluminium oxide b) zinc oxide c) sulfur dioxide d) copper (II) oxide
Which compound can be prepared by reacting a metal with a dilute acid?
a) iron (II) sulfate b) calcium hydroxide c) copper (II) chloride d) zinc carbonate
Which substance when added in excess, would neutralise the nitric acid without leaving an alkaline solution?
a) aqueous sodium hydroxide b) calcium carbonate c) water d) aqueous ammonia
Which of the following compound dissolves in water to give an alkaline solution?
a) calcium carbonate b) copper (II) hydroxide c) sodium hydroxide d) hydrochloric acid
Which one of the following salts can be prepared by reacting an acid with an alkali using titration?
a) aluminium chloride b) magnesium sulfate c) sodium sulfate d) zinc nitrate
Copper (II) chloride crystals can be prepared by reacting dilute hydrochloric acid with several substances. Which of the following substances cannot be used?
a) copper b) copper (II) oxide c) copper (II) hydroxide d) copper (II) carbonate
Which of the following describes a step in the preparation of insoluble barium sulfate from aqueous barium chloride and dilute sulfuric acid?
a) add dilute sulfuric acid until no more gas is produced b) add the indicator methyl orange c) collect the precipitate by filtration d) evaporate the filtrate until it crystallises
What is the best method of making copper (II) sulfate?
a) adding copper to aqueous zinc sulfate b) adding dilute sulfuric acid to copper c) adding dilute sulfuric acid to copper (II) oxide d) adding aqueous sodium sulfate to copper (II) carbonate
A man suffering from an excess if acid in his stomach has no indigestion tablets. Which substance could he take to lower this acidity?
a) aspirin (pH 6) b) bicarbonate of soda (pH 8) c) kemon juice (pH 5) d) water (pH 7)
Which element forms an oxide that reacts with water to give an acidic solution?
a) alumimium b) sodium c) sulfur d) zinc
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