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Gases pass in and out of a leaf through the
a) phloem b) stomata c) cuticle d) xylem
Root hairs help a plant
a) transport food to the root b) store food c) protect the root d) absorb water & nutrients
The most diverse group of gymnosperms are the
a) cycads b) conifers c) gnetophytes d) ginkgoes
All angiosperms
a) produce cones b) are tropical c) are seedless d) produce fruits
A flower is pollinated when
a) pollen falls on the sepals b) pollen falls on the ovary c) a zygote is formed d) pollen falls on the stigma
Angiosperms that live for more than two years are called
a) annuals b) monocots c) perennials d) biennials
The reproductive structures of gymnosperms are called
a) pollen b) sperm cells c) cones d) ovules
A flower\'s female reproductive parts are called
a) sepals b) filaments c) pistils d) anthers
The male reproductive part of a flower is called the
a) petal b) pistil c) stamen d) sepal
A plant's response to a stimulus is a(n)
a) auxin b) hormone c) stigma d) tropism
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