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Which landform is a high, flat area that rises steeply above the surrounding land?
a) plain b) plateau c) mountain d) hill
Which region is the largest in Missouri?
a) the Alluvial River Plain b) the Mississippi Lowlands c) the Ozark Highland d) the Osage Plain
Which body of water forms Missouri\'s northwest border?
a) Grand River b) Atlantic Ocean c) Missouri River d) Mississippi River
The surrounding in which people, animals, and plants live is the________.
a) environment b) swamp c) forest d) weather
Rain, snow, sleet, and hail are examples of_________.
a) erosion b) climate c) pollution d) precipitation
A______________ is an opening in the earth's surface where hot gases and liquid rock may burst forth.
a) Glaciated Till Plain b) mineral c) volcano d) Gasconade River
The only part of Missouri that glaciers covered is __________________.
a) mineral b) volcano c) conservation d) Glaciated Till Plain
______________ is a tributary of the Missouri River.
a) Gasconade River b) volcano c) conservation d) mineral
Lead, brick, and zinc are some of Missouri's _____________resources.
a) conservation b) mineral c) volcano d) Glaciated Till Plain
The careful use of our natural resources is ________________.
a) Gasconade River b) Glaciated Till Plain c) conservation d) volcano
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