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The process that results in changes of inherited traits over time
a) natural selection b) vairation drift c) gene pool stagnation d)
Genetic drift tends to occur in populations that are
a) large b) small c) size does not matter d)
Genetic equilibrium of a population can be disturbed by
a) all of the above b) non random mating c) mutations d) movement in and out of area
What situation might developin a population if some plants' flowers open midday and others at late afternoon
a) temporal isolation b) behavioral isolation c) geographic isolation d) genetic drift
The combined gentic information of all members of a particular population is the population's
a) gene pool b) genotype c) phenotype d) frequency
Peacocks with bright feathers are healthier and therefore are desired mates is example of
a) nonrandom mating b) random mating c) mutations d) adaptions
A source of genetic variation is
a) gene shuffling b) directional selection c) genotypes d) phenotypes
Natural selections acts directly on
a) phenotypes b) alleles c) mutations d) genes
In genetic drift, allele frequencies change because of
a) chance b) mutations c) they don't d) nonrandom mating
The situation in which allele frequencies of a popluation remain constant is called
a) genetic equilibrium b) natural selection c) evolution d) genetic drift
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