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what are muslim women allowed to do at funerals?
a) poke the quests b) there not allowed to go c) wear outragous clothes d) eat a feast
a) life after death b) giggling c) happy time d) bloons
what is the muslim word for the soul?
a) rouh b) roogle c) rought d) roughe
the day of judgement
a) the test, end of the world b) teddy bear c) the race, end of the cup d) the test, begining of the world
which describes hell?
a) nice b) flowers c) torture and food d) fire and torture
which describes heaven?
a) pain b) nothing c) devil d) no pain
whats way do they face to mekkah?
a) north b) west c) south d) east
how long is mourning for?
a) 3 days b) a day c) 10 years d) 5 days
what is the name of the bridge you cross to hell?
a) assirat b) aritass c) assitrat d) airatt
what is the name of the two terrible angels?
a) jaha and nadir b) ant and dec c) munkar and nadir d) bill adn ben
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