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Which is an example of safety equipment?
a) a beaker b) a graduated cylinder c) a thermometer d) goggles
A closed pathway through which electricity travels is called
a) a circuit b) an orbit c) a rotation d) a revolution
An example of a mixture is
a) water b) salad c) sugar d) salt
What equipment would students use to measure the time it takes a toy car to roll down a ramp?
a) stopwatch b) calculator c) meter stick d) triple beam balance
To show that the results of an experiment are accurate and reliable, a scientist should
a) repeat the experiment several times b) measure carefully c) write a report d) NOT repeat the experiment
Which statement about the movement of the Earth and moon is true?
a) The sun revolves around the Earth and moon. b) The Earth revolves around the moon, and the moon revolves around the sun. c) The moon revolves around the Earth, and the Earth revolves around the sun. d) The sun and moon revolve around the Earth.
Which of the following organisms is a herbivore?
a) human b) grass c) cow d) bear
The surface of the Earth is made up of jigsaw-like pieces called
a) rocks b) soil c) plates d) dishes
Which of the following is classified as a nonrenewable resource?
a) water b) trees c) cows d) oil
Which is an example of an instinct?
a) turtles migrating to the sea b) a dog fetching a ball c) a hamster playing on a wheel d) a lion doing tricks at the circus
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