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High biodiversity mean...
a) more organisms b) more animals than plants c) more variety of organisms d) more plants than animals
Natural selection acts of an organism's
a) genes b) phenotype c) genotype d) parents
This produces genetics diversity
a) mutation b) selective breeding c) natural disaster d) genetic drift
Which statement best describes natural selection?
a) only the strong survive b) better adapted organisms die faster c) fish grow lungs to breathe on land d) organisms with favorable traits survive and reproduce
In a catastrophe, which situation would lead to greater survival of organisms?
a) low biodiversity b) biodiversity would not affect survival c) high biodiversity d) medium biodiversity
Genetic drift...
a) increases variation and has a greater effect small populations b) reduces variation and has a greater effect on large populations c) reduces variation and has a greater effect on small populations d) increases variation and has a larger effect on large populations
What is speciation?
a) species fighting each other b) species morphing into other species c) species becoming extinct d) the creation on new species
If a recessive allele is lethal, how can it survive to be passed on to the next generation?
a) it only kills a small percentage of the population b) it is only deadly at certain times of the year c) all organisms die d) heterozygous individuals are not affected
Organisms that are geographically isolated...
a) can still mate b) may evolve into separate species c) will miss each other d) always have different phenotypes
If two organisms have similar traits, which statement is probably true?
a) they will dislike each other b) they will tend to migrate toward each toerh c) they have a common ancestor d) they will look identical
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