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Organisms in Phylum Cnidarian include
a) jelly fish and sea anemone b) baranacles and sea stars c) sea fans and sea cucumbers d) octupus and squid
Cnidarians have a radially symmetrical cup or bag like body made up of two layers of cells
a) true b) c) d) false
The largest class in phylum Cnidatia is class ____________ which includes ___________
a) anthozoa, jelly fish b) scyphozoa, jelly fish c) anthozoa, coral and anemones d) hydrozoa, siphonphores
The portoquese man of war is in class ________________, jelly fish are in class ___________, and box jelly fish are in class ______________
a) Hydrozoa, Anthozoa, Sycphozoa b) Sycphozoa, Sycphozoa, Sycphozoa c) Hydrozoa, Sycphozoa, Cubozoa d) Cubozoa, Sycphozoa, Hydrozoa
Differences between comb jellies and jellyfish include
a) comb jellies have cillia on their surface and lack the characteristic cnidarian body shape b) c) comb jellies stings are deadly d) comb jellies have more powerful stinging tentacles
Fire corals are in class
a) Hydrozoa b) Protozoa c) Scyphozoa d) Anthozoa
What day is graduation?
a) May 28 b) May 31 c) May 30 d) May 29
Where is graduation
a) Kernersville b) High Point c) Greensboro d) Winston Salem
What are the names of Mrs Sebastians cats
a) winkie woo and Myrtle b) thing one and thing two c) dumb and dumber d) dirt and bag
When is the last day of class?
a) May 17 b) May 20 c) May 19 d) May 18
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