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to draw a conclusion from evidence
a) infer b) fluent c) elapse d) ordeal
an idea or feeling often unreasonable which completely fills one\'s mind
a) persistent b) obsession c) lethal d) infer
a very difficult or painful experience
a) obsession b) futile c) harass d) ordeal
deliberately unclear
a) evasive b) harass c) obsession d) infer
useless unable to succeed
a) harass b) persistent c) futile d) lethal
able to cause death
a) lethal b) harass c) fluent d) obsession
refusing to quit stubbornly continuing
a) evasive b) harass c) persistent d) infer
to pass or slip by
a) elapse b) persistent c) harass d) infer
able to express oneself with skill and ease
a) ordeal b) persistent c) fluent d) lethal
to constantly irrate or disturb or bother
a) harass b) persistent c) elapse d) obsession
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