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What grade is Marsha Cessano and Roger Friday in?
a) Third Grade b) c) d)
What room number is their third grade class in?
a) Room 10 b) c) d)
What was Marsha's friends name?
a) Collette b) c) d)
What is the student teachers name?
a) Miss Murtland b) c) d)
Who is Marsha Cessano's arch enemy
a) Roger Friday b) c) d)
What kind of boy is Roger Friday
a) He can be a trouble maker b) c) He is a nice boy d) He is the third grade class clown
What do Marsha and Roger end up having to do together?
a) A book report b) c) d)
What book did Marsha and Roger do for their book report?
a) Charlotte's Web b) c) d)
What word does Marsha use to describe Roger Friday
a) yucky b) c) d)
What does Marsha want this year in school to be?
a) Her best year ever b) c) d)
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