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Ancient Mali is located on which continent?
a) Europe b) Africa c) Asia d) North America
The act of giving or doing something is a(n)
a) ancient b) characteristic c) trait d) contribution
These important storytellers told about the past of Ancient Mali
a) griots b) kings c) caravans d) authors
What is the word that means old
a) trait b) ancient c) characteristic d) contribution
One way people in Mali adapted to their environment was ________.
a) farming with tractors b) trading on the Nile River c) they used salt for their health d) desert-like conditions
Which of the following was a physical characteristic of ancient Mali?
a) traders b) they had gold mines c) shipbuilders d) farmers
Mali was a wealthy nation because it traded
a) camels b) silver and pepper c) stories d) salt and gold
What form of government did ancient Mali have?
a) kings b) direct democracy c) representative democracy d) government
Who controlled the trade in West Africa?
a) the kings of Mali b) the pharaohs of Egypt c) the kings of England d) the presidents of Africa
The human characteristics of ancient Mali were:
a) kings, soldiers, and shipbuilders b) farmers, traders, and miners c) shipbuilders, kings, and explorers d) traders, road builders, and farmers
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