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what is the capital of Vatican city?
a) Vatican hill b) the pope c) Vatican city d) Vatibourg
what is the body of water that boarders Vatican city?
a) timber river b) tiber lake c) tiber river d) slim river
when was the Quirinal \
a) 1870 to 1946 b) 2000 to ???? c) 1963 to 1986 d) 1997 to 2004
who contributed to the building the Quirinal?
a) Gregory XIIIВ andВ Sixtus V b) Mr. Josh and Mrs. Brill-Smith c) andrew Vll and Innocent VIII d) John and Lorraine
what is the land used for?
a) farming b) service ex. nails and hair salons c) mining d) jogging
where is Vatican city located?
a) silent hill b) Dillard middle school c) Vatican hill d) voodoo hill
who was the first pope to ever live in Vatican city?
a) st. john b) st. peter c) st. Nicholas d) st. Louis
what religion do they study?
a) roman catholic b) baptist c) methodist d) Hinduism
what is one way that new York is like Vatican city?
a) they have a president b) they have rivers c) they keep their buildings clean d) they are landlocked
what day is it in vatican city?
a) six hours ahead b) the same time c) one day behind d) one year ahead
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